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Related journals, conferences, and workshops

Below is an (unranked) list of venues that are specifically related to JDIQ's areas of interest. Please let us know if you have any additions:

  • ICIQ: The International Conference on Information Quality is the largest annual conference related to JDIQ. Selected best papers can be fast-tracked to JDIQ. An alternative site for ICIQ proceedings is here. In 2015 the 20th ICIQ will take place in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • AMCIS: The Americas Conference on Information Systems regularly hosts a SIGDQIQ track: 201220132014
  • DINA: Workshop on Data Integration and Applications with a focus on data cleansing in conjunction with  ICDM: 2014, 2015
  • LDQ: A workshop series on Linked Data Quality at the Extended Semantic Web Conference: 2015
  • IQ2S: The 6th International Workshop on Information Quality and Quality of Service for Pervasive Computing in Conjunction with IEEE PERCOM 2014, Budapest, Hungary link
  • IPAW: 5th Intl. Provenance and Annotation Workshop (IPAW'2014) as part of Provenance Week, Cologne, Germany link
  • TQMCA2014@ADBIS2014: Technologies for Quality Management in Challenging Applications; Workshop in collaboration with the 18th international conference of Advanced Data Bases and Information Systems 2014 link
  • QMMQ2014@ER2014: First workshop Quality of Models and Models of Quality in conjunction with the 33rd International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER2014) link
  • QUAT2015@WISE2015: Workshop on Data Quality and Trust in Big Data (QUAT'15) in conjunction with the 16th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE'15), Miami, Florida, 1st - 3rd November 2015 link (previous workshop QUAT'14)
  • WebQuality 2015: The 5th International Workshop on Web Quality (co-located with WWW 2015 conference), Florence, Italy, May 18 2015 link
  • QDB: The Workshops on Quality in Databases (QDB) regularly took place at the VLDB conferences; QDB at DBLPQDB 2012 with links to past events
  • SIG IQ: Workshop 2011 at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China (program (pdf))

Apart from these specialized events, many journals and conferences publish papers relevant to JDIQ's topics. Example conferences are for instance VLDB, ICDE, SIGMOD, CIKM, WWW. Example journals include TKDE, VLDB Journal, and Information Systems.

Books on Data and Information Quality

Below is an (unranked) list of books covering areas of interest of JDIQ. Please let us know if you have any additions:

  • Carlo Batini and Monica Scannapieco: Data Quality
  • Thomas N. Herzog, Fritz J. Scheuren, William E. Winkler: Data Quality and Record Linkage Techniques
  • Latif Al-hakim (ed): Challenges of Managing Information Quality in Service Organizations
  • Felix Naumann and Melanie Herschel: An Introduction to Duplicate Detection
  • Peter Christen: Data Matching
  • Alon Halevy, AnHai Doan, Zachary G. Ives: Principles of Data Integration
  • Jack E. Olson: Data Quality: The Accuracy Dimension, Morgan Kaufmann, 2003.
  • Thomas Redman: Data Quality: The Field Guide
  • Richard Y. Wang, Mostapha Ziad, Yang W. Lee: Data Quality
  • David Loshin: Enterprise Knowledge Management: The Data Quality Approach
  • Wenfei Fan, Floris Geerts: Foundations of Data Quality Management
  • Yang W. Lee, Leo L. Pipino, James D. Funk: Journey to Data Quality
  • Felix Naumann: Quality-Driven Query Answering for Integrated Information Systems, Springer, 2002
  • Tamraparni Dasu, Theodore Johnson: Exploratory Data Mining and Data Cleaning
  • Shazia Sadiq (Editor) Handbook of Data Quality - Research and Practice. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013
  • A. Borek, A. K. Parlikad, J. Webb, and P. Woodal: Total Information Risk Management: Maximizing the Value of Data and Information Assets, 1st edition. Morgan Kaufmann, 2013.
  • John R. Talburt: Entity Resolution and Information Quality, Morgan Kaufmann, 2011.
  • Arkady Maydanchik: Data Quality Assessment, Techhnics Publications, 2007.
  • Xin Luna Dong and Divesh Srivastava: Big Data Integration, Synthesis Lectures on Data Management, Morgan Claypool Publishers, 2015.
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