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JDIQ is a multi-disciplinary journal that attracts papers ranging from theoretical research to algorithmic solutions to empirical research to experiential evaluations. Its mission is to publish high impact articles contributing to the field of data and information quality (IQ). IQ covers a wide range of dimensions including accuracy and completeness, provenance, lineage and trust, understandability and accessibility. Research contributions can range from modeling and measurement of quality, to improvement of quality with data cleansing methods, to organizational management of quality, to evaluations of quality in real scenarios.

Given the diversity of disciplines and author interests, we also welcome experience papers, typically submitted by a practitioner or industrial researcher who has a compelling application, interesting dataset or valuable teaching tool, to share with our readers. Finally, we are accepting two-page vision papers that describe a major research challenge to the JDIQ community.

Quality Metrics
JDIQ's mission is to publish high quality articles that make a significant and novel contribution to the field of data and information quality. While no single metric can measure impact and relevance of JDIQ we provide some indicators.

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