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Current Issue: Volume 5 Issue 1-2

Information Quality Research Challenge: Predicting and Quantifying the Impact of Social Issues on Information Quality Programs
John Talburt, Therese Williams, Thomas Redman, Davod Becker
Discovering product counterfeits in online shops: a big data integration challenge
Erhard Rahm
Challenges for privacy preservation in data integration
Peter Christen, Dinusha Vatsalan, and Vassilios Verykios
Reach for Gold: An Annealing Standard to Evaluate Duplicate Detection Results
Tobias Vogel, Arvid Heise, Uwe Draisbach, Dustin Lange, and Felix Naumann
Conflict Resolution with Data Currency and Consistency
Nan Tang, Wenfei Fan, Floris Geerts, Wenyuan Yu
Process-driven data quality management: a critical review on the application of process modeling languages
Ali Sunyaev, Paul Glowalla

Previous Issue: Volume 4 Issue 4

Value-based File Retention: File Attributes as File Value and Information Waste Indicators
Fons Wijnhoven, Chintan Amrit, and Pim Dietz
Interaction between Record Matching and Data Repairing
Wenfei Fan, Shuai Ma, Nan Tang, and Wenyuan Yu
A Methodology and Architecture Embedding Quality Assessment in Data Integration
Nigel Martin, Alexandra Poulovassilis, and Jianing Wang

Special Issues

In addition to its regular issues, from time to time JDIQ publishes special issues devoted to specific topics in the Data and Information Quality field. For more information about a special issues, please contact the JDIQ Editor-In-Chief. To suggest a special issue please provide a description, a topic list, and a timeline. Please also copy the co-editors you would like to work with for that special issue.

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